stop & Roll nach der Grinberg Methode

Reset your Body

Movement and Awarenesstraining



 STOP AND ROLL is a form of mindful exercise, which is great not only for physical health but also for mental and emotional well being.






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Top Five Advantages of STOP AND ROLL


Break the patterns in your body!


Your body has a memory and we tend to stick to what we know, sometimes unconsciously developing patterns that cause us physical or emotional pain. The training challenges your body’s instinctive abilities and optimizes the way you move consciously and unconsciously.


 Train your brain! – BodyBrianDance


Moving around differently to what we are used to will activate the neuronal connections in our brain. Within the training you will increase your awareness. That way we are training our brain at the same time as we are training our whole body. Bodyawareness includes mind and body, ourselves and being aware of our surrounding.


Get rid of negative symptoms!

The training will increase your physical power, your stamina and your general agility. We will guide you with the music to move around freely, to slow down, to speed up and to stop and start again.


Stopping Movement Training of the Grinberg Method®

 These courses are based on the idea of stopping movement classes according to the Grinberg Method®. Somatic attention and body awareness become instantly accessible and intensified on a long-term basis.


Music Moves

  The music will be specially curated for each session. We will use slow to driving beats that boost our energy and bring joy to life. It is a fun and musical wake up call for your body. Your natural potential can show up, that includes happiness. 


The training is for everybody, beginners or advanced.




Have you ever experienced music
without movements?
Have you ever experienced life
without your body?

bodyAttention towards LIVEliness


The music selection ist excelent From elelctro beats to David Dowie and music, that supports good mood and new moves…….
My chest became light and free through deep inside . How beaurtiful, expecially after a long day of reading and on the computer.
It was great yesterday. Was a lot of work for my muscles, even painful, but I could get really deep personal insights. Exciting how totally aditionally effortless this works in the Stopping Movement Training.
My headaches are gone! I love mostly the minimalistic movements along the whole body

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